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WCA Board Meeting 

November 9, 2007 – 10:00 AM

Present: Scott Frakes, Sue Hubbard, Michelle Watson, Mark Kucza, Bill Brown, Jeneva Cotton, Pamela Maddess, Bill Frank, Peria Duncan, Frank Feeley, Hisami Yoshida, Dick Sande, Tracy Grunenfelder, Dean Mason, Rich LaRosa, Anthony Daniels (representing NABCJ) 

Scott conducted a check-in of all present, and welcomed all guests to the meeting and thanked them for their participation.  

Minutes: Minutes from the 09/27/07 meeting were reviewed.  Dick moved to accept the meeting minutes; Peria seconded.  All in favor.  Motion passed. 

Treasurer’s Report:   Unfortunately, the 2007 budget shows another year in losses.  The investments are making money but cannot be used until cashed out.Bill B. is still receiving bills from the conference that need to be paid.  Discussion was held regarding loss of conference proceeds due to combining conference efforts. 

2007/2008 Budget:  Budget issues and revisions discussed.  Michelle will work on getting more vendors to advertise in our WCA newsletter, Connections.  Discussion held regarding budget for Connections.  Rich will contact Judith with options regarding offering the newsletter online only, which could save over $2,000 a year.  Michelle will  look into finances regarding other organizations within and outside of WCA.    It was decided to remove conference costs from the Western Correctional Association Representative budget, but will continue to pay for membership dues.  Mark moved to pass the 2008 Projected Budget; Tracy seconded.  All in favor.  Motion passed. 

2007 Conference Review:
  Michelle provided handout regarding feedback, speakers, vendors, and accommodations.  It was decided to get non-refundable deposits from vendors for future conferences to minimize last minute back-outs.  One issue of discussion was following through with commitments being made.  Also discussed was regarding conference committee members and whether their attendance signified a paid slot for the conference, since they are usually too busy working to attend any sessions.  Tracy will put together a proposal to have conference committee members paid administratively for lodging expenses after verification from Conference Chair.  Dick and Michelle both said a special thank you to all who helped with the conference.  

2008 Conference:  Belinda, Michelle, and Tracy held a conference call with the Convention Center in Ocean Shores.  Discussion held regarding bringing in our own food to cater and which hotel to use as “main” lodging.  The conference has been confirmed for September 17-19, 2008.  It was suggested for Rich to speak with the DOC Interim Secretary about support for the 2008 conference.  Tracy was given authority to sign the contract with the Convention Center.

2009 Conference:  Mark presented more information from the Marcus Whitman Hotel in Walla Walla and contract information in regards to food and offset costs for room space.  There will be no charge for the hospitality suite.  Mark will get the contract to Rich to review and sign.   

WCA Website:  On-going discussion regarding updating the WCA website for better information, updated design, and functionality.  Michelle will contact graphic design providers for quotes on the cost to update the site to be more effective and useful for our members. 

By-Laws:  Discussion was held regarding representation from/for other organizations on the WCA Board.  Discussed what the true intent is of the particular positions, and what is required.  Issue tabled until February 2008 meeting.  All members made commitment to read the Constitution and By-Laws prior to the next meeting. 

Membership:   Pamela and Dean reported that membership increased by 60+ at the 2007 Conference.  Our membership total is currently approximately 335!   

Public Relations:         It was decided that one more issue of the Connections will be put out in print, and then future issues will be available on the website.  Rich will work with Judith to see if she is interested in continuing to edit the newsletter.  She has done a great job, and this may make the job more efficient.   

Conference & Training:         See above (2007, 2008, 2009 Conference Updates)


NABCJ Representative:         Anthony Daniels present.  Discussed issues regarding NABCJ’s Washington State chapter.  Reported on Pencil & Pens, an organization that they have been working with to volunteer and mentor troubled youth. 

WCJ Representative: Belinda absent. 

Western Correctional Assoc Representative:           Hisami reported that Carl Fox had gone into the hospital and underwent bypass surgery.  He is at home and doing well.  WeCA’s next conference will be held in Arizona. 

Jail Industries Board Representative:                 Ned absent. 

Regional Co-Chairs 

Northwest:      No report. 

Southwest:      Tracy extended a special thank you to Kelly Wichert for her years of service to WCA and the Board.  She will be missed. 

Central:          No report.   

Northeast:       Peria reported no events prior to the end of the year.  She has enjoyed working with the regional activities and looks forward to her new duties as Secretary. 

Southeast:       No report. 


The next meeting will be held on Monday, February 11, at 10:00 AM.  The meeting will be held at the ISRB in Lacey.  Please send agenda items to Peria.  Dick moved to close meeting; Hisami seconded.  All in favor.  Motion passed.  Meeting closed.


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