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Quarterly Minutes

WCA Board Meeting

WCA Board Meeting Minutes
December 8, 2008
DOC Headquarters

Present:         Rich La Rosa, Tracy Grunenfelder, Peria Duncan, Bill Frank, Bill Brown, Frank Feeley, Dean Mason, Mark Kucza (by phone), Karin Johnson, (by phone) Ned Newlin, Hisami Yoshida, Pamela Maddess, Brandon Rogel (by phone) Susan Hubbard (by phone)

Minutes:      Reviewed. Motion made by Tracy. Seconded by Mark and Ned. Approved. 

New Business: 

Annual Report Submission was reviewed. Any changes or omissions should be routed to Peria by COB on Dec 10th for inclusion of final document. Peria will get it to Jeneva to post on line in Connections. The news letter is a member benefit and should continue to include interesting articles, and expand use of sponsors for ad space as a revenue generator. Discussion was held regarding emailing the newsletter electronically and expanding the email list including non-members.

Training Consortium proposal was discussed. The WCA Board didn’t have a chance to discuss prior to Brandon presenting, and it was decided that would need to take place prior to a decision being made.  Brandon is the Jail Assoc Pres now and wants to better organize their membership, training, and website. Brandon’s proposal was in regard to partnering for a training conference that would belong to the consortium to pool resources, especially in light of the current economic status.


Tracy passed around a flyer that listed a host of different event sponsors as a way to collaborate to present training functions.  It was agreed that DOC can not be counted on for funding the conference, and that WCA is not a DOC association. It was also discussed that efforts should be made to reach out to other agencies so they can be included as well (Juvenile, Federal, County, etc.)

WCA has financial limitations to consider in this proposal, along with what it is WCA wants to do for their membership. The annual conference was a way to increase membership, and provide training and networking opportunities for the membership. It was further discussed that there’s not a need to pay to bring in national speakers, when there is a host of talented trainers in our state. We need to move ahead and plan events that would be affordable and regionalized. Further discussion is to take place after the holidays, but tentative plans include a one day event on both the east and west side of the state.      

Future of WCA was discussed. There is a need to be creative and cost effective, while providing benefits to our members. If we conduct local events that the Regional Co-Chairs are tasked with presenting, this would be one way of ensuring members are gaining training and networking opportunities. Tracy had agreed to work with the Regional Co-Chairs to get them on track with local events, so will work on that following the holidays. Hisami and Pamela agreed to put a list of questions together for a needs assessment/survey to determine what members would like to see for WCA training events. Dean provided “Survey Monkey” info for possible survey use. There are local resources to draw from, including presenters and facilities of which to hold events in (such as CJTC, colleges, agency conference rooms, etc.) Not using facilities where it could be misperceived as not being cost effective in these times was taken into consideration. Taking the training to the institutions where shift workers are more difficulty getting out to training was another idea.     

Membership is down and ways to increase membership was discussed. One idea is to make WCA presentations to other agencies. ACA has a myspace page that perhaps WCA can be linked to. Another idea was to set up a professional blog (which would need to be monitored or made available to members only to ensure appropriate use.) A flyer could be made about WCA and sent out to agencies for posting. We need to demonstrate what members are getting for joining WCA (newsletter, networking and training opportunities, belonging to a long established organization looks good on your resume, websites, opportunity to give to charitable events, dual membership w/ACA including a magazine, etc.) We need to ensure we have the most current address and email list for members and reach out to more potential members. A fundraiser (spaghetti feed and silent auction) is under consideration by Frank as are other fundraising ideas. The fireworks sales were ruled out. Pamela and Frank plan to work on a local event regarding mental health and re-entry. Anyone that has any other membership generating ideas, please call Pamela or Dean, the Membership Co-Chairs.               

Board Vacancies were discussed. The following positions are vacant: Both NW and Central Regional Co-Chairs, one Southeast Co-Chair, Nominations and Elections Chair (which is determined vital due to 2009 being an election year for 2010-2012), Conference and Training Chair and Finance and Budget Chair. Peria will put an ad together for the newsletter and encouraged a more concerted effort at filling Board vacancies from those members who are ready and willing to serve in the respective capacities.  Positions are defined in the Constitution and Bi-Laws, but it would be helpful to be sure Board members are clear on their associate duties. Peria will update the Board Member roster and Board member distribution list again. Dan Snyder has agreed to assist with the website, and when Michelle gets back, she will follow up with him.


The budget was discussed and set for 2009. We lost money this year and are still having problems ensuring accuracy of membership rebates from ACA. This is a source of revenue we don’t want to lose. No ACA rep will be sent to winter ACA conference. After checking on the feasibility of such, email ballots and surveys will be used instead of snail mail to save postage. (Those members who don’t have an email address listed will receive it via postal, but we encourage you to ensure we have your current email address.) A balanced budget for 2009 was proposed, motion made to approve by Frank, seconded by Bill F, voted on and approved.  


The Bi-Laws were discussed. After many prior discussions and revisions, a proposal was brought forward to amend the Bi-Laws to present to membership to vote on. Bill F and Hisami will draft the language to ensure everyone understands what the changes mean prior to membership presentation. Peria made the motion to approve, Dean seconded; it was voted on and approved. It was noted that there is another section to revise as well that is no longer current due to change by ACA that Bill F will work on.

Committee Reports:

CJTC Update was discussed. Susan and Brandon have changed roles effectively immediately in regards to adult and juvenile academy oversight. Susan will now cover juvenile academies. They have embarked on a Corrections Division strategic plan including job task and gap analysis and have hired a new DT Coordinator and a new TAC.   

Legislative Update was provided by Frank via handout.

Report outs took place.  Regional Co-Chairs and WeCA and JIB reps submitted information to annual report and had nothing further to report.  

Next Board Meeting:

To be held at Cedar Creek Corrections Center, hosted by Hisami on March 27th.

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