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WCA Board Meeting 

WCA Board Meeting Minutes
2/11/08 10:00 AM

Present: Rich La Rosa, Michelle Watson, Bill Brown, Peria Duncan, Bill Frank, Frank Feeley, Dean Mason, Mark Kucza, Hisami Yoshida, Anthony Shaver, Wanda McRae 

Minutes: Reviewed. Motion made by Bill B; seconded by Bill F. Approved. 

2007 Conference Update: Figures almost finalized. We are still waiting on a check from the conference that would pay off WCA’s part of the profits.

2008 Conference Update: The save the date flyers and RFP’s were sent out to DOC, JRA, Juvenile Courts, Jails, Wash State Patrol, ITT-Tech, & EWU. Planning is well under way. The Quinalt Tribe will be donating bags with fun books and shuttle service. The Conference will provide attendees with a padfolio.  Some steering committee members will visit the Ocean Shores area to meet with the hotels soon, and draft flyers for vendors and registrations should be going out in April. A number of RFP’s have been received already. Ideas were discussed regarding community outreach, a tour of Stafford Creek, working with local Tribes and interest that has been generated in the conference so far.

2009 Conference: The contract was signed with the Marcus Whitman Hotel and they have honored the per diem that far in advance. No further action at this time. 

Website Update: Michelle found a “webmaster” to update the site, which has been updated and is looking good! Michelle and Peria have been editing for content accuracy. Future entries and site updates should be batched to a minimum of one hour’s worth of time. Cost for updating should be $40-$80 on a quarterly basis. We may have a couple of vendors interested in placing ads on the site. Discussion took place how this could be a needed revenue generator as were other revenue generating ideas. Another idea was to have a site counter to show the number of visits to the site. “Connections” will go online here as opposed to hard copies. Notice was given on the last issue.    

Budget: We are still pending the final check from the conference, which would really help with the bills right now, which includes the bill for updating the website. Cash flow is a concern right now, and further discussion was held regarding revenue generating ideas, savings, and the possible need to sell stocks or cd’s. Reimbursement for travel is important to ensure appropriate Board representation. Karen Larue Johnson has agreed to be the NE Regional Co-Chair as long as she can be reimbursed for travel from the region. This is an appointed position, and does not have to be voted on.  

It was further discussed that we are still having problems with ACA regarding membership. There have been personnel changes, and the count is not accurate and doesn’t reflect newcomers gained at the 2007 Conference. We are also not receiving timely rebates.  

  • Rich will contact ACA HQ to try and resolve this.
  • Dean will call Wisconsin and see how they have been handling their successful membership increase.
  • Bill B will talk to the bank about options on our current investments.       

Order Blank for Book: It was agreed that a page could be added to our website for an order blank for the book “The Quiet Service.”    

Bi-Laws: Discussion was held over proposed changes and editorial updates. Any further change recommendations should be sent to Bill F. It was decided that MOU’s would be drafted by Dean to clarify the Bi-Laws on honoring representatives on the boards with other agencies and entities. “Governing bodies may also include representatives from other professional organizations through MOU’s or mutual agreements.” The rep can be the same for both organizations as mutually agreed upon.  The motion was made by Michelle to get the MOU’s in place, but not have them take effect until the membership votes on them this year at the conference. Peria and Hisami simultaneously seconded the motion. Bill F will research if “J” in the bi-laws is an ACA mandate.  


  • Dean will establish the list and work with Peria to get it current, including email address updates. This will need to be monitored to maintain currency.  
  • The website address will be included on future WCA mailings.
  • Rich will talk to ACA HQ about membership issues. We have not been getting the necessary membership reports from them.   
  • Discussion was held over need to increase member benefits, the advantages and disadvantages of dual membership and the need to get rid of out of date brochures. There was also discussion on where best for new members to register, via ACA directly, or at the local level.

Legislative Update: Frank handed out info on pertinent legislative bills. At this time, no more bills can be submitted for this session, and there will be no special session due to it being an election year. Frank will research what DOC was sponsoring and let us know.


NABCJ: Wanda reported that NABCJ adopted a school to do pre-entry work (mentoring & tutoring youth while they are suspended) in Tacoma. They may expand this to other parts of the state in the future. They also plan to do a “Leadership Forum” in March/ April, which will be a six week session of workshops that is free and open to anyone, and has a variety of instructors. Rich suggested Wanda write an article for “Connections” about this wonderful endeavor.

WCJ: Hisami reported that they completed the paperwork and are working on their brochure and by-laws. WCJ will handle food and after hours events at the 2008 Conference.

WeCA: Hisami reported that they have not met since last time WCA met, but they have a scheduled meeting in April, and she will bring back a report from that. In August, they will hold their conference in Tucson on the 26th-28th.

Nominations/Elections: Rich will contact Kelly K to see if she is still interested in maintaining this position. If not, we will need to look at someone else filling this role.

Regional Co-Chair Reports:

  • NW: James had requested and was granted leave for the meeting when it was scheduled for the 11th and was unable to attend with this date change.
  • SW: Anthony’s first report out, and discussion was held regarding what co-chair duties are, and ideas for events. He is also trying to find a co-chair to work with him.  
  • SE: Nothing planned at this time, but a membership drive is one thought being considered once things settle down in that area. Mark suggested that we re-implement the past practice of attending CO graduations to present the benefits of belonging to a professional organization, and possibly giving away a WCA membership. Peria suggested doing it when time and cost allows keeps us in the forefront of potential members. It was decided to do these as regional events, and since Walla Walla holds their own academies, this is easily doable in the SE Region. Co-Chairs should coordinate with Bill B for funding on this.  The sponsoring Co-Chairs can determine the criteria for awarding the membership.  
  • NE/Central: Both vacant at this time.  

Closing: The next meeting will be held on June 13th, 2008 in Ocean Shores. This will take place from 10-3, and the exact location is TBD, and will be shared when the agenda is emailed out.  Meeting adjourned at 3 pm.

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