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Conditions of Confinement

Correctional systems must provide services and programs and administer the detention, sanctions, and punishments ordered by the courts in an environment that protects public safety and provides for the safety, rights and dignity of staff, accused or adjudicated offenders and citizens involved in programs.

Policy Statement:

Maintaining acceptable conditions of confinement requires adequate resources and effective management of the physical plant, operational procedures, programs and staff. To provide acceptable conditions agencies should;  
A. Establish and maintain a safe and humane population limit for each institution based upon recognized professional standards;

B. Provide an environment that will support the health and safety of staff, confined persons and citizens participating in programs. Such an environment results from appropriate design, construction and maintenance of the physical plant as well as the effective operation of the facility and programming of offenders;

C. Maintain a professional and accountable work environment for staff that includes necessary training and supervision as well as sufficient staffing to carry out the mission of the facility;

D). Maintain a fair and disciplined environment that provides a range of programs and services appropriate to the needs and requirements of offenders, in a climate tat encourages responsible behavior.
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