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Higher Education

The purposes of higher education include instruction, public service, and research. Corrections can and does benefit from academic endeavors in each of these areas.

Policy Statement:

The field of corrections in cooperation with higher education should contribute to the improvement of the professional practice of corrections. Academic programs concerned with criminal justice and corrections should:
A. Provide a pool of qualified candidates for correctional service, and assist in the delineation of dimensions of work responsibilities that may emerge as a result of changing social, economic, political, and technological trends;

B. Promote understanding, both for correctional practitioners and for the public at large, of the complex social, ethical, political and economic factors that influence all areas of corrections;

C. Challenge assumptions about crime and correction, and stimulate change when change is needed;

D. Promote and support high standards in research, planning, and evaluation in all areas of corrections;

E. Engage in public service related to corrections, including informational programs, training such as internships and practicums to enhance the relationship between the academic community and correctional practitioners;

F. Support, through program and faculty development, the evolution of corrections as a distinct professional discipline; and

G. Implement programs in corrections at the associate degree level that can serve as a minimum requirement for full Professional status as a correctional officer, and as a minimum requirement in certification.

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