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Correctional Industry

Correctional industry programs, whether operated by the public or private sector, aid correctional systems in reducing idleness, lowering costs, and providing opportunities for offenders to gain job skills, training, and economic self-sufficiency and to participate in programs of victim compensation and institution cost-sharing.

Policy Statement:

Correctional industry programs, operating under sound management principles and effective leadership, should:  
A. Be based on statutes and regulations that support the development, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and delivery of correctional industry products and services;

B. Be unencumbered by laws and regulations that restrict access to the marketplace, competitive pricing, and fair work practices except as necessary to protect the offender and system from exploitation;
C. Provide evaluation and recognition of job performance to assist in promoting good work habits that may enhance employability after release;

D. Provide training and safe working conditions, for both staff and offenders, similar to those found in the community at large;

E. Assure that the working conditions in an industry operated by public or private organizations are comparable with those in the industry at large, and that compensation to inmates is fair;

F. Recognize that profit-making and public service are both legitimate goals of an industry program;

G. Support reinvestment of profits to expand industrial programs, improve overall operations, maintain and upgrade equipment and assist in the support of inmate training programs that enhance marketable skills, pre-release training, and job placement services; and

H. Integrate industry programs, public or private, with other institutional programs and activities under the overall leadership of the institution's chief administrator.
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