How to open JSON file?

File Extension JSON

What is .JSON file?

Every computer user encounters unknown file extensions. JSON files, like other file extensions we haven't dealt with, can cause various problems. The most common problem is the inability to open the file with the extension JSON. It's natural - if this file appeared on our computer for the first time, we may not have the appropriate software to work with JSON files.

The solution to such a problem is usually uncomplicated. Just find the right program to open JSON files, download it and install it on your device. After installing the software, the operating system should automatically open JSON files using the installed application. If this does not happen, there may be other reasons for the problem: the file JSON may be damaged, incomplete, or infected with a virus. Then it is advisable to find another, correct copy of the JSON file.

How to open .JSON file?

# Windows
1 Adobe Dreamweaver
2 Text editor
3 Notepad++
4 Notepad
# Mac OS
1 TextEdit
2 MacVim
3 TextWrangler
4 Apple TextEdit
# Linux
1 gedit
2 Mozilla Firefox
3 Text editor
4 Vim